Kacoo Fashion Ltd
Modern Slavery Statement (2021)
This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
It maps out the areas of probable cause within our supply chain where Modern Slavery could be found and how as a company, we aim to combat this issue. Kacoo recognise that Modern Slavery is a global issue throughout all economies, sectors and industries and that none of these are invulnerable to this matter. Kacoo is committed to protecting and respecting the human rights of all personnel that are involved or connected to their supply chain, as we feel it is unacceptable to condone this matter. We accept our responsibility to support transparency; to investigate and resolve and review our business strategies to protect the rights of workers, mainly those who are most vulnerable to abuse, such as modern slavery.
About Us
Kacoo Fashion Ltd has experienced phenomenal growth since its launch almost a decade ago. The parent company of fast fashion womenswear labels Glamorous, True Decadence, Glamorous collection, Glamorous studio and Alice and You, we started life out as a Manchester based business. Today, our labels our truly global and can be found in over 30 countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Russia, Italy and Australia.
Our successful short order business model has enabled us to quickly establish ourselves as one of the leading womenswear players on the UK and international markets. We control all aspects of the supply chain from design through to distribution, ensuring we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations with the right styles, at the right price, at the right time.
Business Structure
Kacoo Fashion Ltd is based in the UK, with a headquarters in Manchester.
As we supply to a variety of international and local clients, we have goods imported and despatched from our UK warehouse, which support our UK and Europe business. Also, we have additional 3rd party run warehouses in America/ Australia and China, as well as international agents.
Supply Chain
The below diagram illustrates our supply chain and the different areas where people are employed.
We aim to identify risks within our supply chain using this diagram. Slavery, servitude, forced labour, bonded labour, and human trafficking are issues of increasing global concern and can affect all areas of our business and the people employed throughout our supply chain, if the correct procedures and precautions are not put in place.
Our own operations: Distribution Warehouse UK/ International team
Kacoo Fashion Ltd have a stand-alone store in Intu Trafford Centre, as well as franchise stores in Malta, Lebanon, Ayapana and Italy. Kacoo have 100 team members, one of which is based in the USA, in New York trading office.
Kacoo have a 40,000 square foot distribution centre based in Manchester, which distribute goods to clients/ direct to customers if goods are ordered through the Glamourous/ True Decadence website.  

Our Partnerships: Key account/ Independent/ wholesale clients:
We reach millions of customers through a multi-channel business operation. In addition to our own stores and website we also sell our products through concessions, store in store concepts, in house showroom, 3rd party platforms. 
Goods for resale Suppliers:
These are the suppliers of services and products that we sell across our multiple platforms. Before the goods reach our warehouse there is numerous people at different stages of the supply chain who contribute towards manufacturing and providing service to develop the end product. We develop and source products internationally and locally.  80% of our products are developed in China and the other 20% is produced in India/ UK factories.
Product supply chains are complex and involve multiple manufacturing processes. The 5 tiers recognised by Kacoo have been outlined below:




Tier 1

Main production sites

Factory which cut, sews, completes Kacoo product and ships to Kacoo Warehouse/ direct to our customers

Tier 2

Process integral to production

Provider of one of more processes e.g. cutting, stitching, packing, quality control, warehouses

Tier 3

Enhancements to Product

Provide of one or more processes e.g. embroidery, printing, dyeing, laundry.

Tier 4

Fabric and components

Hardwear, trims, fabric mills and tanneries

Tier 5

Raw materials

Textile fibres, natural and manmade materials

Kacoo are in the process of mapping Tier 1 for risks.
Services and Goods not for resale:
These are the services we purchase because they are required for our business to operate, and not sold to our customers.
These services include, warehouse management, IT, Logistics, garment processing cleaning, customer care and utilities. We expect these services to look after their workers, however as these are connected to our supply chain we have a duty to ensure they are aware of companies Ethical Standards, that must be followed throughout all of aspects of our supply chain.
Our policies & governance  
We are committed to ensuring Modern Slavery doesn’t exist within our supply chain, therefore this is Kacoos first publication of a Modern Slavery statement. Alongside this statement we have also created an Ethical Trade Policy which has been dispersed to all the relevant personal who are part of our supply chain, this is also available to view on our website. These policies and statements are to be shared with workers further down the supply chain too, not just Tier 1. We ask our direct factories to help ensure this is shared.
Our Ethical Trade Policy defines areas which also support our commitment to combatting Modern Slavery.
  • Employment is freely Chosen
  • Freedom of association
  • Child labour/ young worker
  • Living wages are paid
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • No discrimination is practiced
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed
Those in Tier 1 of our supply chain have signed and agreed to comply with the above from our policies.
Kacoo acknowledge the need to identify potential high risks deeper in the supply chain than just at the principle manufacturing sites. Risks such as- unauthorised subcontractors, exploitation of expanding migrant workforce or other sectors of vulnerable labour. Our initial and immediate focus is to ensure our ethical standards are fully engrained into our direct supply chains and own company.
Risk Assessment
Kacoo Fashion Ltd recognise they have a responsibility to map their supply chain and identify where risks may be found which will affect employees’ rights, well-bring and health.
We are aware Modern Slavery is at greater risk affecting workers within our supply chain when the below factors are present:
  • Migrant workers
  • Child labour
  • Contract or agency workers
  • Services/ fabrics being offered at drastically lower costs than other suppliers
We feel there is less risk with the factories and suppliers that we work with directly than working with agents/ 3rd parties. This is because we can directly share the ethical and employment practices, we require them to follow. Although we ask all factories/ suppliers to share our companies’ practices further down the supply chain, we do not have visibility or guarantee that this has been passed on. We hope that mapping further down the tiers and looking into a subcontracting policy we can ensure all our supply chain is following the procedures we require them to follow.
The below table identifies risks/ issues Kacoo acknowledge to pose the biggest threat of Modern Slavery in their supply chain. These have been narrowed down by reviewing research shared by other companies, which indicate the following risks are found high in the below countries and these are the areas Kacoo predominantly source from. The table also shows how Kacoo plan to Mitigate these risks:
Next Steps on tacking Modern Slavery in the supply chain
Kacoo acknowledge that Modern Slavery is a risk that could be present in their supply chain and have started to look at ways to identify and tackle this issue. As a starting point Kacoo are mapping their first tier, and the next step will be to map the second tier, as now we have little or no visibility of the lower tiers.


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