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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Tropical Punch

    February 28, 2014

    The new tropical trend has hit Glamorous HQ. It's got us crushing on palm tree and hawaiian floral prints big time! Here's what's inspiring us in the office at the moment...













    View our Tropical Punch trend here

  • The History of the Collar

    February 21, 2014

    Do you know that the collar was one of the first fashion statements in the Elizabethan era? Or the real origin behind a celebrity fashion staple – the Peter Pan collar? The collars that we wear todayhave evolved through history, originating from plain garments into the jewelled, leather and metal pieces you find in glossy magazines today.


    One of the first historic fashion references to collars was theElizabethan ruffle collar.This was created by a draw string at the back of the neck creating a ruffle effect – hence the name. During this time almost all men and women wore collars, regardless of their wealth or status. Originally the collar was worn to frame the face, yet now it’s seen as a smart garment or accessory.


    So how many of collar styles, do you recognise (and have in your wardrobe?)

    • The flat collar which lies flat to the body – think peter pan or sailor collars
    • The standing collar – a straight piece of fabric that stands up above the neckline, turtle necks for instance
    • The folded/rolled collar – this is most common on button front shirts or as a stand up from the neckline which falls from the roll line onto the shirt


    Throughout this piece we’ll have a look at the different styles of collars, how they’re worn and why they’re important today – by the time you finish you’ll be an expert!


    Necklace Collars

    necklace collar








    Before people actually had full shirts with a collar, they improvised by adding a collar in the form of a necklace. This is still a key trend today which shows how important a collar was to an outfit – if people didn’t have one, they added one. Necklace collars are now available in a variety of styles and colours and can be added on to pretty much any garment, but the most popular style is the Peter Pan collar which we’ll talk about later on.


    Update the look: Now that we have full shirts we can choose what type of necklace collar we want to wear. A necklace collar looks great when it’s paired with a knitted jumper or a plain top, think big or small as it automatically makes a statement with any outfit.


    Ruffled Collars  

    ruffled collar








     This was also known as the Elizabethan ‘Ruff’ and thanks to its extravagance it was one of the most recognisable items of Elizabethan clothing. The Elizabethan Ruff was originally a frilled collar, before fashion dictated a bigger and better style. It then became more feminine and the ruffle was opened so that the neck and the chest were exposed – this style is now fashionable as a work or smart shirt. Because the ruffled collar was so big it was used to frame the face and determine hairstyles of the time, which was a traditional up do for women.


    Update the look: Whilst we don’t wear big ruffled collars round our necks like they used to, ruffles are still in fashion and are still as noticeable. Wear your ruffled shirt with a high waisted skirt and finish off with your hair in an up-do as a nod to the old Elizabethan trends. You’ll look classy and smart.


    Shawl and lapel collars

    Shawl collars found their origins in Victorian smoking jackets, which were traditionally worn to protect gentlemen’s evening wear from the smell of after-dinner cigars. The shawl collar is now popular within knitwear and cardigans and can also be seen on smart jackets and blazers – often with feminine embellishmentssuch as lace, beading or jewels. Lapel Collars were used to create an attractive neckline on women’s dresses.In the 1800’s it was adopted for waistcoats and jackets which it is still used for today.


    Update the look: Show off your lapels in a loose fitting blazer and skinny jeans – add some killer heels to add to that perfect silhouette. Tip: the long lapels on a shawl collar help create the illusion of a slim silhouette!



    Peter Pan collar

    peter pan collar







    You’re probably most familiar with this type of collar because it is still such a fashion staple. However, the Peter Pan collar was originally worn by children – mainly boys in the late 18th Century. The name comes from Maude Adams who played Peter Pan in a stage show in 1905 and wore a Peter Pan collar – everyone was raving about this new trend and it’s been popular ever since. The beaded Peter Pan collar is also one of the most popular types of necklace collar and is often added on to garments for extra embellishment.


    Update the look: Thankfully this collar isn’t just for boys anymore, the Peter Pan collar is an easy way to make your outfit more feminine and now that it’s back in fashion you’ll find it on dresses, jumpers, t-shirts and blouses– take your pick!


    Polo collar

    This collar surfaced in the 1900’s and was originally worn by sporting men. It became popular in America too for those that wanted to replicate the athleticlook; it was often worn when playing tennis or golf.Designer brands like Ralph Lauren and Lacostehave made this collar fashionable today and it’s a collar that can be worn smart or casual by both men and women.


    Update the look: If you want to go for the preppy look then a polo collar will suit you perfectly. They’re casual but comfy and they work well with jeans or leggings.


    Embellishments on collars

    embellished collar








    In the Elizabethan era collars were big and extravagant and embellished with ruffles or jewels if wearers were wealthy. This season the style has been given a modern update with beads, clips on the corners and metal tips. In today’s fashion, collars are used to make a statement rather than framing the face. Try mixing and matching colours to your dress or shirt, collars connected by a chain or a broach or different fabrics to the garment itself; we love a leather collar with a chiffon blouse for an edgy twist on a feminine outfit.


    Update the look: Embellished collars aren’t just to show your wealth anymore. Add some bling to an otherwise plain outfit with an embellished collar or add some edge by wearing a black leather collar with a white blouse- no embellishment is too much. They‘ve been a hit at LFW 2014 which shows they’re going to be big this year, so now’s the perfect time to experiment and stock up.


    Famous fans of the collar

    It’s not only us that have jumped on the collar bandwagon; celebs seem to love it too. Take model and style icon Alexa Chung, who is a huge fan of the Peter Pan collar and is often spotted sporting the collar on a jumper or dress. Then there’s Michelle Williams, who always looks super cute with her pixie crop and collar which is one of her favourite trends. Zooey Dechanel (and her New Girl character Jess) have always been a fan of the collar, particularly the Peter Pan style, although as an all-round fan she’s also been seen wearing a few ruffle collars. Even British actress and icon, Audrey Hepburn loved a large collar necklace (although they were probably made from very expensive jewels!).


    So, what about collars today?

    As you can see,the collar has been around for longer than you may think. We have the Elizabethan ‘Ruff’ to thank for the variety of collars today, whether we’re wearing them underneath our jumper, with a smart blazer or just clipping on to a top to add some extra glamour to our outfit. A collar can make any outfit look that extra bit special and smart – girls, there’s a collar for every occasion and we predict that they’re going to be around for a long time to come!


    February 21, 2014

    It’s that time of year again when London showcases some of fashions best talents.

    The fashion crowd flock to take note of millions of us will be wearing next season.

    British design can now feel safe in the hands of the likes of Christopher Bailey, Jonathon Saunders and Christopher Kane with appearances from foreign friends such as Tom Ford.

    London is known as the playful counterpart of the three other fashion weeks, experimenting with a creative flair only London exudes.

    Glamorous has handpicked five micro-trends that we think you’ll love!

    Marques Almeida- blue richard nicol - blue richard nicoll - blue topshopunique - blue






















    Many are already feeling blue as the fashion shows draw to an end, but rest assure the colour blue is a big player for next seasons colour palette. Shades range from exciting cobalt’s to subtle dewy powders. Present on coats, skirts and dresses, blue was a dominant feature in Richard Nicholls show. Our favourite was the shearling collared bomber- the perfect transitional piece! Designer Marques Almeida also played on this theme creating delicate satin dresses and camouflage blue espadrilles.

    Roksanda Ilincic - patchwork








    Patch things up?

    When we usually think of patchwork, we imagine the old

    blanket stored in the attic. Cropping up at several shows, patchwork was the surprising pattern of choice. Mixing soft pastels and loud brights, patchwork has never looked so good. Topshop Unique drew a celeb packed FROW; however this didn’t overshadow the innovative youthful designs shown. The multi-textured patchwork coat stood out as the key piece, a similar design was shown at Rocksanda Ilincic that focused on multi-textured patchwork! We want!

    Burberry Prorsum AW14 - watercolour Burberry Prorsum AW14 - watercolour felderfelder- watercolor felderfelder- watercolor






















    Water Works

    It doesn’t get more British than Burberry Prorsum. Drawing in a particularly fashionable crowd, they showed the likes of Cara Delevinge and Jordann Dunn sashay down the catwalk draped in beautiful slinky watercolour layers. Dresses were layered with magnitudes of silk scarves and shearling textures and models clutched fun leather totes covered in splashes of loosely crafted paint. Felder Felder followed suit with abstract blocks of watercolour print. Jump on this trend with a 'Glamorous' watercolour collared dress!


    jonathon saunders - print clash Mary-Katrantzou- print clash peterpillto - print clash peterpillto - print clash





















    Clash of the prints

    Checks, graphics and stripes are some of our wardrobe staple prints. This season the big shot designers are mixing things up and clashing prints to form a fantastic mash up of print. The queen of print Mary Katrantzou demonstrated how this is done throwing together floral and dots in digital masterpieces. Peter Pilloto blended graphic squares and feather inspired pattern to combine soft and hard lines. However you fancy trying out this trend, with separates or a mixed print dress, you will definitely be making a style statement.


    If the shoe fits..

    Hundreds of shoes trotted down the catwalk over the last few days. A girl can never have too many shoes; however we have narrowed it down to three styles that blew our mind this LFW.


    simonerocha- brogues











    By far Simone Rocha rocked the best brogues- garish gold ones!

    Take a look at our Jeffrey Campbell brogues.

    jeffrey campbell rose gold shoes











    Trainer Heels:

    Ashish took unique footwear to a whole new level sending out the models in sports-luxe chunky trainer shoes.

    ashish- trainer heels











    Glamorous’ trainer shoes are stylish and unbelievably comfortable.

    white trainer shoes- glamorous











    High Ankle Boot Shoes:

    antonio beradi - shoes











    We are in love with the footwear Antonio Berardi’s featured in this AW’14 collection. The intricate lacing and pattern would have any girl’s feet feeling blessed.

    cut out boots - jeffrey campbell











    Our Jeffrey Campbell’s high boots give you the designer look at a pinch of the cost.



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