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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Dress to impress – for your body shape

    December 24, 2013

    Earlier this year, former Countdown connoisseur Carol Vorderman conducted a nationwide natural female body consensus – and found that nearly half of women surveyed wore clothes that were either too big or too small for their size. Approximately one in two women admitted to wearing the wrong clothing size, with 46 per cent wearing ill-fitting attire; yet even worse an incredible 73 per cent wore garments that were an entire dress size out.

    Yet after several years of trying out a number of different styles and sizes, surely we should be able to determine our own dress size by now? Sadly no – but before we go get our eyes tested to ensure we’re not reading labels wrong, it’s time to shed some light on some of the world’s most worn fashion lines.

    One size DOESN’T fit all

    Ever wondered why that size 10 hugs your curves in all the right places in one shop, but you’re practically bursting at the size 14 seams in another store? This is because there is no standard sizing in the UK, meaning that every shop showcases its own size systems. Worryingly enough, several fashion labels will even go so far as to promote a phenomenon known as ‘vanity sizing’; whereby larger size clothing is labelled as smaller in a bid to convince women that they’re a slimmer shape – why? To encourage women to buy more clothing, of course.

    That’s why all too often shopping on the high street can prove tiresome and stressful. With some retailers targeting a specific pear-shaped audience while others may be aiming for a less fuller-figure demographic, it can certainly play havoc with a woman’s confidence – and body matters - when it comes to size variations. However, women should not feel defeated or downhearted at this, as

    there are several other factors involved; from the thickness of materials used to the different lengths featured on certain garments.

    Take a look at the following 6 body types, and right those fashion wrongs by learning what outfits best suit your shape:

    christina hendricks







    1.The hourglass. The classic Marilyn Monroe figure, typical body characteristics include a shapely bottom, along with a small waist accentuated by a rounded bust. Favoured by many women as the ideal body shape, this means females everywhere can breathe a size of relief as they have the largest choice of clothes to choose from!

     Celebrity examples: Beyoncé, Christina Hendricks, Kelly Brook

    Do: Attire with an air of femininity helps to enhance the hourglass look – so items such as fitted blazers and A-line skirts that show off your tiny mid-section are a must-have.

    Don’t: Baggy clothes or anything top-heavy (such as turtlenecks) will only make you look bulky, and not the voluptuous vixen you really are.

    Work: A brightly patterned pencil skirt goes great with a fitted shirt.

    Casual: Mix business with pleasure thanks to a fitted jacket.

    Party: A stunning peplum dress ticks all the right hourglass boxes, thanks to its tailoring designed to exaggerate your hips whilst giving you the look of a trim waist.

    kate winslet








    2. The apple. Rounded but perfectly formed, women with this shape generally tend to have a fuller middle, rounded shoulders along with a great pair of legs. Though many tend to carry their weight along the mid-section, they often have a well-defined waist.

    Celebrity examples: Jennifer Hudson, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie

    Do: Wear tops with gathering under the belt, instantly drawing attention towards your waist.

    Don’t: Avoid any embellishments or patterns that can create an overload of detail on your top half – remember, you want attention for all the right reasons!

    Work: You can’t go wrong with a tailored blouse complete with corset effect.

    Casual: Straight-legged jeans help give a sense of proportion for the upper half of your body.

    Party: A dress with an empire waistline helps skim the body whilst emphasising your chest and bust.









    3. The pear. Your shoulders will most likely be narrower than your hips, and while you may be curvier in the upper leg department, you’re lucky enough to have quite the defined waist. So the trick here is to ensure you create a visual balance; by arranging your outfit that gives the appearance of broader shoulders.

    Celebrity examples: Eva Mendes, Christina Aguilera, Shakira

    Do: Go to town with colours and patterns on your upper half – this makes your hips seem more tapered.

    Don’t: Stay away from any flared trousers; you don’t want to make your legs appear even wider.  

    Work: A cute puff jacket with shoulder detail diverts focus from the bottom half.

    Casual: Boot cut jeans definitely bring out the best in your pear shape.

    Party: A dress with a wide collar instantly makes the neck and shoulders look broader, while a full skirt helps balance the hips.

    catherine zeta jones







    4. The upside down triangle. Basically, follow the principle of the pear – in reverse. With your lower half slimmer than the upper part of your body, your shoulders will generally be straighter – while your hips may be a little on the flat side.

    Celebrity examples: Catherine Zeta Jones, Elle Macpherson, Reneé Zellweger

    Do: Boost that waist of yours by adding a wider belt to your outfit.

    Don’t: Leave behind any cluttered shoulder detail, along with halter neck tops that will only make your neck look wider.

    Work: Give the illusion of wider legs with a full skirt – even better with horizontal stripes for added wideness!

    Casual: A simple V-neck top will do wonders for your bust, while accessories such as long necklaces instantly draw focus to the middle part of your body.

    Party: Wrap dresses are perfect as thanks to its waist tie, can be easily adjusted to give you more room for larger busts.

    gwyneth paltrow








    5. The lean column. The quintessential supermodel frame, you’ve got a small cleavage with narrow hips to boot. Your statuesque appearance means sleeve and leg length is not an issue with you – however, the lack of curves means you may be flatter compared to other body shapes.

    Celebrity examples: Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Pink

    Do: Create some layers to shorten your long upper body.

    Don’t: With your lean column shape, the last thing you want to do is create a shapeless look with loose or baggy clothing.

    Work: Tapered trousers help narrow the leg line, while side pockets and other details add curves and volume to your shape.

    Casual: A vividly-coloured skater dress offers a great fit but with added flare!

    Party: Empire dresses make those small curves stand out, while a high-low hemline works whatever your height.

    keira knightly








    6.  The rectangle. Basically a wider version of the lean column, your shoulders, hips and waist all share a similar width – so you’ll want to wear clothes that give the optical illusion of adding some well-needed curves.

    Celebrity examples: Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson

    Do: Aim for tops with a sweetheart cut to help with those curves – while ruffled sleeves boost volume in the shoulder department.

    Don’t: Keep clear of low rise trousers and jeans as this will only extend your torso.

    Work: Strong blocks of colour give definition to your body, while a shift dress is a timeless design suitable whatever the occasion.

    Casual: Break up your rectangle silhouette with your choice of prints and patterns – such as a kimono top or a gorgeous tulip skirt.

    Party: Girly skirts for a feminine shape is an absolute yes – so embrace your ladylike lines with layered/tiered skirts complete with prints and ruffles; but be careful that they’re not too full as this will create unbalance to your rectangular figure.


    Now that you have a better idea of what body type you are, this will hopefully inspire you to find the right outfits for your shape. Just remember your proportions and learn that the best way to accentuate your strengths is to divert attention from your weaknesses – and with the correct flattering fit, watch as your wardrobe transforms from gloomy drab to Glamorous fab!



    December 12, 2013

    Kate Moss is a supermodel, fashion designer and has taken part in a number of charity campaigns, it’s safe to say that she is one of Britain’s most popular and well known celebrities. She’s also famous for her defined cheekbones (yes we are jealous) and long legs – she is the envy of women all over Britain and has been for 25 years. However, there’s no need for envy anymore as this article is going to help you find the perfect outfit that mirrors Kate Moss’s unique and chic style.










    Kate’s style is all about edge, even when she’s dolled up to the nines in a floor length gown she still manages to add a slight edge to the outfit. She’s Britain’s number one rock chick and she is a major fan of leather. Kate wore this black laser cut leather pleated dress to the British Fashion awards this year where she was awarded a special recognition award for her contribution to fashion throughout her twenty-five year career – she was spotted at 14. If you’re looking to channel Kate’s leather ensemble then why not try out this black leather skater dress from Glamorous, it’s girly yet edgy and although it doesn’t have as much detail as Kate’s it still makes a statement. If you want to add a hint of glamour then add a fur coat like Kate’s.











    Kate loves a black bodycon dress and with her killer body we don’t blame her. At the Kate Moss Christie’s Auction this September she looked stunning in this simple black bodycon dress with an oversized leather jacket to keep her warm. As the winter approaches we need something to cover our shoulders in the cold weather and a leather jacket is the perfect way to do this. In terms of what type of bodycon dress to wear, it’s entirely up to you. This cut out waist one with gold beading is great if you aren’t busty like Kate Moss, yet the cut out sides allow you to show off a bit of flesh. The gold beading means that no jewellery is needed because the dress itself is statement enough. If you want a bodycon dress that’s a bit different – Kate loves to push fashion boundaries, then you may want to try this black cut out bodycon dress with off the shoulder straps. It’s perfect for women with larger busts and the length is flattering on all body shapes.










    Skinny Jeans

    Kate Moss is the queen of skinny jeans. Staying true to her rock chick nature Kate loves to team a pair of skinny jeans with some grungy ankle boots. At the Rimmel 180 Party in October Kate kept it cool and casual in some dark grey skinny jeans and a black sequin embellished top - she also added a cape into the mix. If you are going to a party or out for drinks with the girls then you might want to invest in a pair of skinny jeans like these Glamorous black coated jeans with zips and a cami top like our black silk caged strap one. This is the perfect combination for a smart yet casual outfit. It can be worn all year round and if you want to keep warm then you can add a leather jacket, cape or a faux fur jacket. In terms of shoes, Kate loves her trusty black boots, they give a slight edge to any outfit and they are comfy – bonus! To really get the Kate Moss look try a pair

    of black cut out of ankle boots with gold buckles like the ones below from glamorous you can dress

    them down in the day or dress them up at night.

    Other Kate Moss Essentials

    Aside from all of the above fashion ensembles, Kate has a few other favourite items that she can be seen wearing religiously. Miss Moss loves a fur coat and her recent favourite is this monochrome fur coat which she has been seen wearing more than once – see some celebrities can wear the same thing twice. Kate has styled the fur coat in two different ways, one look is casual as she has paired it with some skinny jeans (we told you she loved them) and some shiny black lace up heels. The supermodel then wore the coat on a night out to add even more glamour to her glittery dress. Glamorous are here to help you get the glamour that Kate Moss has with our range of fur coats. This grey mixed fur striped coat will look great over an LDB (little black dress) and the cream faux fur coat will add some sophistication to any outfit.










    Another staple item in the British style icon’s wardrobe is a pair of court shoes. She likes to team them with a little dress that shows off her perfect pins. This pair of black court heels with a gold toe trim will turn a simple outfit into a statement outfit – something that Kate Moss is a pro at.











    Kate Moss is of course, queen of the denim shorts. She flaunts her long, tanned legs as much as possible (we don’t blame her) and we have her to thank for the ever growing trend of denim shorts and hotpants(if you’re brave enough). If you haven’t yet got a pair of denim shorts then these frayed denim shorts will look great with ankle or knee length boots and a casual top. Finish the festival look off with beach waved hair and an oversized jacket.














    If you want to achieve Kate Moss’s enviable style then remember to keep the actual outfit simple and add a statement accessory, like a fur coat, some court shoes or a large piece of jewellery. Although she always looks stunning she doesn’t aim to look perfect, whatever outfit she wears she likes to add some rock chick elements to give the outfit some edge.

    Follow these simple fashion tips to achieve a chic and effortless style like Kate Moss. Happy Shopping!













  • STYLE SIX - Glamorous Tartan Floral Dress

    December 6, 2013

    style six

    Six bloggers. One Glamorous dress! 

    Here’s the chance to meet some of our favourite bloggers and see how each of them has styled our bestselling AW13 tartan and rose print shift dress as part of STYLE SIX- Glamorous. At Glam HQ we think it is important to wear our clothes your way! We hope this feature inspires you to experiment with your latest purchases in different ways and stay ahead of the winter fashion pack!  Layering or a flash of accessory can bring an exciting new dimension to your look. See how they did it here!

    TinyTwisst tiny twisst- style six

    Laura styled the dress in a very tailored way with a black coat, pulling out the black makes the pattern stand out even more. She wore this out for a meal, but also thinks teaming thick tights is a perfect combo to keep warm whilst shopping and you're good to go!

    Rosie Glow 

    rosie glow- style six

    Rosie styled her's with this seasons favourite cover-up, the fluffy knit! She also teams it with chunky boots and a hat for a look to take you from daytime shopping with friends to a cool gig in the evening!

    Whats New Pussy Cat whats new pussycat- style six

    Megan feels her style is very different from one day to the next, but admits she takes a lot of influence from the 1960's she loves the fact that the shift shape of our dress  is the perfect addition to her wardrobe with an up to date, modern print!

    Wonderful You wonderfully you- style six

    Megs from wonderfully you styles her dress in a romantic bohemian way with tights and a large floppy hat. Her look is perfect for drinks with friends or team with a coat and scarf for a chilled walk in the country!

    Fashioninflux fashion influx- style six

    Lydia has also opted for the pinafore look wearing our shift over a black turtle-neck as well as THAT Russian hat – a functional yet on trend combination for these chilly winter months. It just works!

    The girls at Glam HQ are in love with THAT hat!

    So on Trend so on trend- style six

    Tasha comically describes her style as ‘a little grannyfied’. She has effectively worked our shift as a pinafore over a crisp white shirt nailing workplace cool down to a tee co-ordinating this with a statement red bag and T bar flats! As she rightly says a few trends are covered in this look, sixties shapes, winter florals, tartan check and bang on colour matching. In keeping with her granny style layers up with a gorgeous boucle jacket complete with a brooch!

    Love how they've styled it? Like to style it your way?

    Start here

  • Christmas Party Style Rules 2013

    December 5, 2013

    As the Christmas holidays creep upon us so does the stress of finding an outfit for the Christmas party. Christmas parties are a fun way for the whole team to get together and let off some steam, although of course, not too much – it’s still a work party after all and you are still representing the company. This article will give you the best advice on how to dress appropriately for the occasion. It will include tips on how to get noticed by that colleague you have had your eye on, what to wear if you are going to spend the whole night on the dance floor and what to wear if you are the new girl and you want to dress to impress. So don’t put off that shopping trip any longer – read on to find out what you should wear to this year’s office Christmas party.


    Office Party Profiles

    -          The New Girl

    Being the new girl at the Christmas party is always tricky. You don’t know what people wore last year so you may struggle when it comes to choosing an outfit as you don’t want to look over or under dressed. As the new girl you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself either. The last thing that you need is to be the talk of the office for wearing an outfit that Lady Gaga would be proud of.

    Instead, opt for something simple and sophisticated like a black jumpsuit with a statement belt or a dress with a bold necklace – remember that less is more. You could always ask people what they wore last year as this will give you an idea of what to wear but it will also get you engaged in conversation with other employees – which is a bonus.

    Remember to wear a pair of shoes that you can easily walk in so that you can avoid falling over in front of your new boss. It’s important to choose an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in. Show off your personality but be respectable at the same time as people may still be making their minds up about you.

     -          Potential Partners

    Perhaps you’ve had your eye on that cute guy from another team, and you’re hoping that he finally notices you at the work’s Christmas do. The main thing to remember here is that even though it’s Christmas, it’s still your office party. That means that anything wildly provocative is out of the question we’re afraid.

    Instead, try to strike a balance between sexy and demure. You want them to notice you as soon as you walk in the room, but you don’t want to look like an easy target and you definitely don’t want to risk getting into trouble with your line manager for inappropriate attire – you won’t be excused just because it’s Christmas.

    So how do you go about this? Well it’s easy. First choose a dress with a flattering neckline – small busted girls can rock a high neck perfectly while busty girls look fab in dresses with a sweetheart neckline. Remember that you show off either your chest or your legs – never both. That means that if you’ve gone for the high neck option, you can afford to go short on the hemline. If you’ve chosen the latter of the two necklines, make sure that your dress falls just above your knees.

    If the dress you’ve chosen is plain, opt for killer heels in either a sparkly metallic finish or colourful suede. After all, your main aim is to catch his eye, and how better to do so than with a truly glamorous pair of heels.

    Spend time on your hair and make-up. The sultry siren look is always a winner and a flash of your smile may well be the key to his heart. A well-blended smoky eye should be topped with lashings of mascara. Slick on some rouge lipstick and you’re done. When it comes to your hair, stick to a simple style – side swept and curly looks sophisticated and sexy at the same time.

    -          Party Girl

    The life and soul of the party, you’ll be the girl who’s the last one standing at the end of the night. You’re likely to be a people person, and as such, you’ve probably got loads of great mates in the office. Grab your favourite girlies and dance the night away, stopping only for a quick top up on your drink every hour or so.

    If you’re going to be dancing all night, it makes sense to consider your choice of shoes wisely. After all, while a killer stiletto will give you great legs, your poor feet won’t thank you when you can barely stand up at the end of the night. The ultimate party girl always carries a pair of comfortable ballet flats in her bag to protect her feet from painful sores and blisters.

    If you absolutely must wear heels, opt for a pair of wedges. This will add a couple of inches to your height, slim your legs, and be comfortable on your feet. Basically, wedges offer a win-win situation.

    As for your dress, you’ll need to ensure that you feel comfortable and able to move freely to dance. You may prefer to opt for a shorter number – an LBD (little black dress) will never let you down. Choose a sleeveless version to make sure you don’t get too hot.

    Hair and make-up wise, it’s probably a smart idea to pin your hair back. After all, no-one likes the sweaty faced look do they? Keep your make-up bright and bold; all the better for photos.

    -          Understated

    Are you more of an introvert? Do you hate the idea of people looking at you? If so, the understated look will suit you best. The good news is that you can still look hot and blend into the background.

    If dancing is not going to be on your agenda for the evening, why not try an elegantly classic maxi dress? Choose yours in a shade that complements your skin tone and hair colour – dark haired ladies look great in emerald green and navy blue, while fair haired beauties suit burgundy and deep purple. This way, you can steer clear of black while avoiding the bold and bright colours favoured by extroverts.

    Maxi dresses are perfect for an office Christmas party as they hide any problem areas that you may feel conscious about, and give you a stunning silhouette. When it comes to choosing shoes, opt for a pair of wedge heels. You’ll feel comfortable all night and still look like you’ve made an effort to dress up.

    Pin back your hair into an elegant chignon bun and smooth down any flyaways with hairspray. Let your dress do all of the talking for you and keep make-up simple with a flawless base and kohl rimmed eyes. A barely there nude lippie will complement your outfit perfectly.

    Office Christmas Party Cheat-Sheet

    Just because many will view the Christmas party as an excuse to let their hair down, it doesn’t mean your standards should do the same. Whilst this presents the perfect opportunity to get to socialise with your colleagues outside of the office, remember – they are still your co-workers; so just as you have an image that you project in the workplace, make sure you maintain this representation outside office walls.

    Going to great lengths

    There’s nothing better than a bit of ladylike camaraderie when it comes to the office fashion stakes, right? This is a great opportunity to do some essential research by finding out what your female counterparts are likely to be wearing. A good idea would be to ask what they wore to last year’s Christmas party; and perhaps see if they have any photos of the event just to give you a bit of inspiration.

    The general rule of thumb is to aim for a knee-length outfit – so even if your dress accidentally happens to ride up at least you won’t be revealing too much skin to give your colleagues more than an eyeful! Avoid ‘flashing the flesh’ as you could risk the outfit wearing you, and not the other way round; so keep it elegant and classy by finding a dress that’s right for your body shape, otherwise you may find that your co-workers will be talking about you for all the wrong reasons.

    Put your best foot forward

    Every woman knows that a decent pair of high heels will instantly give the appearance of longer legs – as well as help you fake a supermodel height. But before you go out and buy those must-have skyscraper heels, think about how much walking and standing you’ll be doing at your office’s festive get-together. Additionally, take into account your entire outfit – your main attire will consist of a standout dress as well as statement shoes, yet while they will be separate accessories, combined they come together to form one knockout ensemble.

    Less is more (styles, not clothing)

    While wearing less apparel is sure to make more of an impact, it’ll also mean more chance of you becoming the laughing stock of the party come Monday morning. Don’t try too hard, as people will be able to tell from a mile off (the clash of colours will serve as a warning sign). The best and only advice you will ever need is to follow the three S’s:

    • Simple
    • Sexy
    • Sophisticated.

    So long as you stick to these fashionable golden rules, you’re sure to shine. From all of us here at team Glamorous, have fun with your outfit and enjoy a ‘Glamorous’ Christmas party!

    Don't forget use code GLAMPARTY20 to get 20% off the partywear section until 06.12.2013


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